Welcome to the worlds of Nemesis.

Nemesis is a R.P.G. based on white wolf’s D10 system. The game system is revamped and tested thoroughly via the campaigns we have managed to play the last 8 years of it’s creation.

It is Anime oriented, as if playing a Bleach/Naruto character, making it possible to power play strong characters in a strong-tough universe that is consisted more of than the material plane.

The game has 6 eras, from which the 4 were played through previous campaigns. The player characters have greatly influenced the cosmic events and history of the worlds as they are the protagonists of a movie/novel designed by them and aided by me, in my prospective.

The worlds created for Nemesis, are versatile, powerful allowing strong player characters to walk, interact and fight as much as they please. The thing i can “brag” about for this game is that most of the “abilities” a player character may wish to posses, we have thought of a way to implement them. I am open to feedback and i am still constructing the game (both the game system and the world) so i can place good ideas on the paper.

This is the link to the Official Blog ,my team and i have created, to publish the game and keep the rights of our ideas but also share it with the role playing society.The blog is still under construction, daily evolving and publishing parts of the world and system that already are written (but need the finishing touches to be read from the public). So be patient for new implementations and patches!

Currently we are at the 6th era, which takes place in the very distant future, where earth is lost to humans. They have conquered various galaxies, evolved to different races used different forms of technology, magic and occult.

For a more detailed description of the Game and Campaign visit our Blog and don’t hesitate to sign in, use the data for Role Playing Purposes (ONLY), as the effort we have placed in the game so far is extremely time consuming.

For people interested to receive more info that they cannot find in the blog, please email me at mrventhos@gmail.com for questions or the stories played so far or whatever relevant.

Mythmaking is how i choose to live my life, it helps me escape in a world where my fantasy is reality.
And you are welcome to join me.